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Please forward any tips or suggestions that may be of interest to other VSS Users to using 'VSS User Tips' in the subject line.

VSS User Help Desk
If you are comfortable using VSS software programs and would be willing to assist other Posts or Auxiliaries with their VSS software problems, please send me ( ) your email address & Post location, I will post it here and suggest if a Post is having problems to contact one of the Help Desk volunteers.

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VSS Software Help Desk
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Electronic Reporting Help Desk
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VSS User Manuals
The QM & Treasurer Books Setup Help Guide & the QM & Treasurer Books Help Guide are included with the VSS Program downloads

QM & Treasurer Books Setup Help Guide
QM & Treasurer Books Help Guide
QM Pro Basic Training Manual

VSS Published Fixes & Downloads

*** INTRODUCING the new VSS Uninstall Cleaner Utility (version 1.10) released 12/8/11 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems***

You will need to run this program to fully uninstall any version of VSS prior to re-installation of any VSS product.  IF this is not done, then once the new VSS product is installed, it may appear as if the old product is still installed and may not work correctly. If this happens, just run this utility, and you will be all set. You can download this program here:
This new utility is easy and fast to run and will cleanup and correct older VSS product installs, so you can correctly and successfully install the new VSS Products. In the past, some people may have experienced problems upgrading the VSS application on the newer Windows Operating systems. But now, we have a utility to clean up the uninstall process and enable you to upgrade those systems.

You will need new instructions to uninstall the VSS product from some Windows systems, before you “upgrade” to a newer VSS Product,


Uninstall VSS the normal way (ie: from the Start -> All Programs -> Veteran Software Services -> Setup -> Remove)
Download and Run the Program from the above link (VSS Uninstall Cleaner.exe), and click the “CLEAN” button to complete the uninstall.
The normal and usually correct thing that will happen is you will get all 'CLEANS' listed
A status of “CLEAN” for all products will indicate that everything is good.
You are ready to re-install any version of VSS you want.

You can run this utility on any system you want, even if it does not need it. It will not hurt older systems. PLEASE GET A BACKUP before doing any thing, so we can fix you up in case something goes wrong.

VSS User Tips
Listed below is comments that other VSS users have come up with to make things work easier or better.  If you have a suggestion please send it to us!

  1. When writing checks from the Bingo Account, you use the Bingo checking account and a ledger account (audit account) with the proper title for the bank checking account. For instance, you are writing a check for bingo supplies you would set up a ledger account for bingo supplies under the bingo checking account. You then write the check from the bingo account and charge it to the bingo ledger account called supplies. That keeps your bingo checking account in balance. You do not have to put a negative in front of the check as it automatic takes it from the account.  
  2. When you do an adjustment to an account you have to remember that the negative is used for the debt account and the positive is used for the credit account.
  3. The following documents below are instructions on how to setup your VSS program to download your Post roster from National.
  4. Import or Update your Post roster into VSS from National